Cristina M

Cristina Ferreira is one of the best known TV presenter in Portugal. She has recently featured on the cover  of Forbes Magazine who called her «The most powerful woman in Portuguese TV...  a very powerful brand».  With over 600K followers on Instagram, Cristina has massive social outreach.


Cristina challenged Cycloid to develop a multi-screen application (Smartphones, tablets, SmartTV) for her  «Christina M» Fashion magazine. The interest of the project was not only to build a multi-screen application, whose design and user experience would be faithful to Cristina´s image and positioning, but  also to be able to create a highly scalable (and yet cost effective) able to sustain massive traffic surges that happen every time Cristina sends out a new post to her massive list of followers.




HTML 5 Development

.NET Development

SQL Server Development

Tizen Development

Android Development

Objective-C and Swift Development

Project Management

Delivery Management

Design and Analysis







Brand ID

UI/ UX Design


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